Our 3 tiered approach with custom built solutions.

Here at Member Care, we work hand-in-hand with health insurance carriers, insurance brokers and health providers to deliver a superior customer experience while containing your costs.

Tier 1: Administrative Solutions

Member Care provides professional solutions to deliver expert, compliant, and cost-saving experience for current or potential clients, with the ability to deliver superior customer service while containing your costs. We differentiate ourselves by creating unique member experiences using digital technologies, data-driven insights, advanced analytics, and advisory services.

  • Inbound / Outbound Call Center Services: Options for exclusive, dedicated, and shared agents, with multilingual customer support options available.
  • Omnichannel Services: Email, live chat support, SMS, mobile app support, interactive voice response, and answering services.
  • Administrative Services: Contact Management, Records and Information management services, data entry and data cleanup services.

Tier 2: Insurance Broker Solutions

As experts in government-sponsored health programs such as Medicare and the Affordable Care Act, Member Care has level up experience that translates into providing compliant and high-quality enrollments. We also provide engagement expertise to improve the transition from enrollment to membership, access to care, and increased member retention.

  • Inbound & Outbound Sales Solutions: Outsourcing solutions for inbound and outbound insurance sales. Solutions to speed up policyholder lifecycle via live chat, social, and back-office processing to increase new policyholder acquisition. Provides scalability to conquer ‘peak’ seasons with expertise and high volume/high quality enrollment services.
  • Sales Strategies: Provide sales cycle cost management strategies to handle cost trends and solve for utilization spikes, while providing liability reduction and reduced administrative burden. Impart competitive blueprints on risk retention advisement, client-focused strategic consultancy, analytics, and insurance facility management.
  • Retention Services: Solve underutilized benefits, repair a lack of trust in enrollment, and ensure members are not overwhelmed with information. We provide services specializing in policy renewal, cancellation ‘saves’, first notice of loss, and member surveying.

Tier 3: Member Experience Management


Our Member Experience Management (MXM) solutions increase engagement and creates a unique experience for members.

Member Services:

  • Member Account Enrollment
  • Member Rewards Programs
  • Member Payments – Compliant & Secure
  • Member Analytics, Insights, and Reporting

Care Coordination:

  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Evidence of Benefits Reviews
  • Primary Care Navigation
  • Wellness / Annual Appointment Scheduling

Care Navigation:

  • Care Gap Closure
  • Cost Reduction Scheduling
  • Managing Care Outcomes

Expand Results

Member Care improves back-end administrative support for carriers and providers with unique experiences and a customized approach.

Increase Sales

Member Care enhances sales for healthcare providers and insurance carriers by fostering closer connections with customers, ensuring personalized support and guidance that aligns with their healthcare needs.

Contain Costs

Cultivating these closer connections with customers, fostering loyalty, and delivering personalized solutions that contribute to long-term success, enables us to help contain costs.

Best practices

We always employ industry best practices and our extensive experience to optimize call interactions, resulting in increased client acquisition and stronger connections, ensuring our partners achieve maximum success in their engagements.

Are you ready to explore how Member Care can help refine your business?